Tokyo, June 19, 2020



Dear Customer,


First of all, we would like to thank you for choosing NewSky. Our continued commitment lies in the complete satisfaction of each and every product we sell.


Obeying new rules imposed by the operators and within the responsibilities that we have as a company regulated by the Ministry of Telecommunications, we were  informed that there were changes aimed at the beginning of the 5G system, and to guarantee the quality and fair use of data communication when using the network, as of June 15, 2020, new rules will be imposed by operators.


The social isolation caused by the coronavirus increased internet consumption and caused changes in the consumption pattern of the network. Data traffic used in video conferences, home offices, streaming services, news and e-commerce sites has increased since the pandemic was declared. It is important to make a more conscious use, being necessary to have good practices in the use of the network.


In order to offer better quality data plans for all users, mobile internet plans above 100 GB will be initially adjusted to 100 GB. (Except for Mônica Global Wifi)


If the operator recognizes that there is an exceedingly use of internet bandwidth, measures may be taken to limit the use of data communication, with the possibility of cutting the signal without notice and even canceling the contract.


For more details, please visit the link:


We are very sorry for these new rules imposed by the operator, which we have just received. For the customer who has a plan above 100GB and had his bandwidth reduced, can cancel the service, NewSky will not charge a cancellation fee in this case. However, the device must be returned within the contract term.


Thank you for your loyalty with us and  we will always keep you informed on any further updates.


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