Chip Prepaid NEWSKY MOBILE - INTERNET AND UNLIMITED CALLS (SOFTBANK). A very high quality system for better portability, communication and satisfaction.


Data plans of 1GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 20GB fixed or 50 GB fixed. Half-yearly or Annual (with a fine if canceled before the deadline). Chip activation fee: ¥3,300 There will be a fine if the SIM Card is not returned until day 5th.


To renew the service, pay with the Smart Pit card that will be sent with the SIM CARD, or register your card. credit card for automatic renewal. Payment date: from the 15th to the 25th. After the 25th to the 5th it is possible to pay with a fine of ¥2,000 for delay. If the payment is not confirmed by the 5th, the contract will be abandoned. Payment is made using a Smart pit card and can be paid at convenience stores such as Family mart, Lawson and Mini Store.


Failure to return the service until the 5th of the month after the last month paid will have a daily fine of ¥500 per day, without exception. Avoid a fine and return the SIM card. To return, just use the LETTER PACK KIT, which is already paid for. In case of not having the letter pack, it is the customer's responsibility to pay the transportation to NewSky.


If you DO NOT pay or DO NOT return the SIM Card, the contract will be canceled as ABANDONED by the customer. In cases of ABANDONMENT, there will be fines. See more in terms of use.


Technical support hours are exclusively from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday (closed on national holidays).


Coverage available where there is 3G / 4G from SoftBank. NewSky is not responsible for signal failures in some areas. Restrictions on the volume of data traffic may apply. We provide adequate data capacity for general use, but a communication restriction can be applied to users who communicate in large quantities, download files continuously, long videos, etc. In these cases, measures without prior notice can be taken, such as interrupting communication or slowing down greatly. Customers who consume large amounts of data need to pay attention to this, as per the information above. The speed of data transmission during use can vary significantly due to the user's environment (such as the specifications of the terminal device) and network congestion. * There will be no refund if suspension measures or speed restrictions are applied by the operator or the government.

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