a) NTT 050 (IP Phone) application with phone number to make and receive UNLIMITED calls (domestic). Service provided by NTT Communications.

b) What is application 050 (IP Phone)?

An IP phone is a telephone service that uses the internet to make a call using a telephone number starting with 050.

c) The call rate is fixed. It is recommended for people who want to significantly reduce their monthly smartphone bills, including call charges.

d) Indicated for general use, as first line or secondary line.

e) Keep the same phone number even when changing devices.

f) It is also possible to make and receive calls to phones in Japan, even when you are abroad.

g) Easy to use, just download the app (application), insert the credentials and that's it!



Activation fee

(single payment)



(single payment)

Monthly plan






a) The customer must have or purchase a SMARTPHONE device (Android or iOS system) with internet access (WiFi or 3G / 4G).

b) The optional voicemail must be requested at the time of ordering, a one-time fee of ¥1,100, may be requested later but there will be a change in the fee. To take advantage of voicemail, you must enter a VALID email address to receive missed call notifications. To order later, you should contact the Newsky call center, a one-time fee of ¥3,240.

c) The plan has a system of unlimited and free calls to cell phones or homes, for all operators in Japanese territory. There are some exceptions, as it is not possible to call some numbers with IP phones:

  • Emergency call (110/119)
  • Toll-free number (some numbers can be dialed)
  • Three-digit number service (104/115, etc.)
  • Calls to numbers starting with 0990, 0570 etc.

d) IP phone consumption data capacity:

About 500 KB is needed for a one-minute call.

When converted to 1 hour, it is about 30 MB and, if you call 1 hour every day, it is estimated to consume around 900 MB per month.

e) Required communication speed: minimum 128 kbps.

f) The registration of the activation might  take up to two business days to release the service.

g) In case of suspension of the service due to accidents, unscheduled maintenance, emergency or force major, there will be no refund for the time the service is unavailable.

H) NewSky reserves the right to pass on to the customer any changes requested by the operator without prior notice, including price adjustments.

i) There will be no refund or exchange for this type of service. After informing the credentials to the customer, there will be no refund, even if the service is not used.

j) Minimum use of 2 months.

4. PAYMENT METHODS - Smart Pit or Credit Card





Smart pit card

Convenience stores

Day 15 to 25

(of the current month)

It is not possible to pay after the 25th

 and the SERVICE will be canceled at the end of the month.

Last day of the month

(of the current month).

a) Prepaid system with automatic renewal.
Example: to take advantage of the service in February, it is necessary to make the payment in January, and so on.
b) Method 1: Smart Pit card (standard).

Method 2: Credit card (optional, it is necessary to ask the attendant when ordering).

If you have questions about the payment system, contact our call center immediately.

c) A Smart Pit card will be sent with the service request and should be used for payment at convenience stores (Kombini: Family Mart, Mini Stop and Lawson). With the exception of orders sent via email, where you will receive the Smart Pit number by email. More information in clause 7.

d) There is not billet, monthly payment must be made by Smart Pit card or Credit Card.
e) Payment must be made every month using the same Smart pit card. In case of loss, payment can be made using only the number (the customer must request it through our call center or virtual channels). If you need a new card, you will have a replacement fee of ¥2,000.
f) Payment due date: MAXIMUM TERM until the 25th of the same month (payment cards are activated every month from the 15th). It is not possible to pay after the 25th.

G) If the payment is not made by the deadline, the SERVICE will be automatically canceled at 23:59 on the last day of the month, and there will be no possibility of reactivation. To use the service again, you will need to sign up for a new contract.

h) Once canceled, it will not be possible to recover the number (the number will be lost in case of cancellation and there is no way to reuse it).
i) Collection fee (Kombini / CREDIT CARD) of ¥200, may be charged at any time by NewSky, without prior notice, to correct amounts. So far, this fee is being paid by NewSky.
j) To request cancellation of the service using a credit card payment method, and to change the payment method: via Smart pit card via credit card or vice versa, the customer must contact our service center, until the 5th. The application after this date will be processed in the following month.


a) contract MONTHLY, without penalty when canceling (total freedom to cancel when desired).

B) Necessary documents for the contract: copy of the ZAIRYU CARD front and backside the updated address, driver's license or Passport.

c) Necessary information of the client (inform at the time of order): full name, full address, e-mail, telephone number (if you do not have it, it will be necessary to inform the telephone number of a contact, relative or friend).
d) In the event of a change of address or telephone, the customer must inform NewSky immediately, the registration must always be updated.
e) NewSky communicates with customers via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail or telephone.


a) The service is prepaid, the contract is monthly and can be concluded at any time by the customer.

b) There is no penalty (without cancellation fee).

c) To cancel not pay the next bill, and the service will be automatically canceled at the last day of the month (the current month).


a) Electronic delivery via e-mail, the customer will receive the number and password via electronic message, in which case payment must be made in advance via Smart pit or credit card. This way you will not physically receive the Smart pit card, it is necessary to pay the next monthly installments using the Smart pit card number received at the beginning of the order or via credit card.

b) Shipping via carrier, the customer will receive (the printed data) at his address, with a scheduled date and time, and will make the initial payment at the time of delivery, in which case freight and daibiki will be charged.


a) If you have financial issues with NewSky, NewSky reserves the right to suspend any additional services on behalf of the holder until the issues are resolved.

b) NewSky reserves the right to unilaterally suspend or cancel the customer's contract, if it brings losses to the company or if the company deems the customer to be misusing or misconducting, without prior notice and without compensation.

c) The unlimited calling service is intended for commercial or personal use, however the use of several consecutive hours may cause the service to be suspended.


a) Technical support for the use of the 050 NTT will be provided by NewSky.

On the Android system, the 050 app must always be running (open) in order to receive calls.

Depending on the problem, technical support may take up to 3 business days to respond.

b) Service for technical support or issues regarding late payment will only be resolved within the office hours of the responsible department: Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed on national holidays).

c) NewSky call center:

Phones: (FREE DIAL) 0800-100-0877 and 03-4550-1426 and 06-4560-3207 - Português, Español and English

Whatsapp: +81 80-8478-8004 (Português) +81 -80-8877-8696 (English) - Text messaging only


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