a) Unlimited Wifi internet router with signal available where there is Wimax service coverage:

  • Mobile router model W01 with speed up to 220 Mbps
  • Mobile router model W04 with speed up to 440 Mbps
  • Residential router model HOME L01 HWS31 with speed up to 440 Mbps

b) The router device is borrowed and MUST BE RETURNED AT THE END OF THE AGREEMENT)



Activation fee

(one-time payment)

Router rental

(one-time payment)

Prepaid monthly plan

(no penalty for canceling)

Annual prepaid plan

(with penalty for canceling)

W01 mobile router



¥6,980 monthly  

¥4,980 monthly

Mobile router model W04



¥6,980 monthly

¥4,980 monthly

Residential router HOME L01 HWS31



¥6,980 monthly

¥4,980 monthly


a) Before completing the order, it will be necessary to check the signal the router through the link: (if you wish, ask our sales consultants)
B) According to the link, the type of signal in the area checked can be: ○ (circle = good), ○ ~ ▲ (circle ~ triangle = good to medium); ▲ (triangle = medium), × (圏 外 = no sign)
ç) We are not responsible for signal failures outside the verified area.
d) The signal can vary depending on the room of the residence and distance from the window / door / exit, and there may be interference in the signal.


a) If there is no signal in the residence, in the case of (Wimax Home, the 4 signal lights will be all off, or in the case of W01 / W04, there will be 圏 外 without signal) and in these cases the "Wimax Trial may be requested "
b) For the use of the Wimax Trial, contact with NewSky must be made within 48 hours after receiving the device. After this period, the cancellation will have a cancellation penalty according to the contract.
c) The device must be returned to NewSky, in the original box and with all items within a maximum of 3 days after delivery (the return shipping is at the customer's expense)
d) For refund, a photo of the bank passbook must be sent in the name of the order holder. The deposit period is 5 to 15 working days after receiving the device. The refund will be made exclusively by bank deposit in the account of the service holder. The refund will have a discount of: 30% of the order amount, + value of one-way freight and daibiki (if any), + bank charge of ¥510.

a) The service is UNLIMITED, however if it exceeds 10 GB in 3 consecutive days there will be a drop in performance, the signal will be reduced and will not work in broadband (from 220 Mbps ~ 440 Mbps) and the communication speed will be restricted at approximately 1 Mbps during the network congestion period (6:00 pm to 2:00 am);

b) Any changes to the router's settings are prohibited, even if it is as simple as possible. The device is already configured and ready for use. We do not allow changes to the settings or use it in LTE mode (high speed plus area mode). Use in this mode will be limited to 7 GB and the device will be blocked until the end of the month; there will be an extra fee of ¥2,200 to reactivate the signal, and it will be necessary to send the device to NewSky Komaki, the customer will pay the return shipping to reconfigure it;

c)In case of suspension of the service due to accidents or unscheduled maintenance, there will be no reimbursement for the service downtime;

d) NewSky reserves the right, in the event of any change in the service by the operator, to pass this change on to the customer without prior notice, in compliance with the rules thus required, including price adjustments;

e) The maximum communication speed shown here, indicates maximum values ​​based on technical standards and does not necessarily represent speeds in actual use. Internet speeds during use can vary significantly due to the user's environment (such as the specifications of the terminal device) and network congestion;

f) ITEMS THE CUSTOMER WILL RECEIVE (mobile router orders only): NewSky will LEND the customer a mobile ROUTER, a SIM Card and a PREMIUM KIT (containing: USB CABLE, ENERGY CHARGER and EXCLUSIVE NEWSKY BAG). The customer is allowed to enjoy it as long as he is an active subscriber to the service.






Smart Pit Card

Convenience Stores

Day 15 to 25

 (of the current month)

Day 26 (of the current month)

 to 05 (of the next month)

Day 06

 (of month)

a) prepaid with automatic renewal system.
Example: to take advantage of the service in February, it is necessary to make the payment in January, and so on;
b) Method 1: Smart Pit card (standard)

Method 2: Credit card (optional, you must ask the attendant when ordering)

If you have questions about the payment system, contact our call center immediately;

c) You will receive the SMART PIT payment card with your order and make payment every month at convenience stores (Kombini: Family Mart, Mini Stop and Lawson).

d) There is no billet, monthly payment must be made by Smart Pit card or Credit Card.
e) Payment must be made every month using the same Smart pit card. In case of loss, payment can be made using only the number (the customer must request it through our call center or virtual channels). If you need a new card, you will have a replacement fee of ¥2,000;
f) Payment due date: from the 15th to the 25th of each month (payment cards are activated every month from the 15th);
g) Payment must be made on time and processed by our exchange so that there is no cut-off. Payment after the 25th is already overdue, and from the 26th onwards it already has a fee of ¥2,000 in the monthly fee for late or reactivation penalty (without exception). If the payment is not confirmed by the deadline, when the month is over, the deposit will be suspended immediately, and will be abandoned after the 5th, and the contract will be canceled after the 5th. The maximum period for the payment of the delayed monthly payment is until the 5th of the following month, with a late fee. Payment after the 5th will only be accepted through prior negotiation with NewSky;
h) If cut due to lack of payment, the signal will be reactivated within 3 BUSINESS DAYS after confirmation of payment;
i) Collection fee (Kombini / CREDIT CARD) of ¥200, you may be charged at any time by NewSky, without notice, to correct values. So far, this fee is being paid by NewSky;
j) If you have abandoned your contract, but made payment for a month for which you have not used any day, NewSky reserves the right to confiscate the amount paid to guarantee payment of any amount pending with the company, for example: cancellation penalty, no return of router or SIM Card, thus reducing the total or partial amount of the pending item. This confiscation does not result in an immediate resolution of the customer's pending issue, but a compensation for the losses caused to the company;
l) To request cancellation of the service using a credit card payment method, and to change the payment method: via Smart pit card via credit card or vice versa, the customer must contact our call center, with minimum of 30 days in advance.
m) Will be discounted via credit card (registered), fine for terminating the contract, any extra fees or other pending issues related to the service contracted with NewSky.

a) There are 2 types of contract: MONTHLY and ANNUAL. The customer must choose the option when ordering;
b) Documents required for the contract: copy of the ZAIRYU CARD front and backside with the updated address; copy of PASSPORT (pages 1, 2 and 3) or driver's license;

c) Necessary information of the client (inform at the time of order): full name, full address, e-mail, telephone number (if not, it will be necessary to inform the telephone number of a contact, relative or friend);
d) In case of change of registration data, such as address, for example, the customer must inform NewSky immediately, the registration must always be updated.
d) NewSky communicates with customers through SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail or telephone.
f) If there is any promotion or free monthly fee, the bonus month of the promotion It will NOT be counted within 12 months of the contract. The customer must pay every month of the contract, regardless of promotion. Example: If the contract is for 12 months with a free 1 month promotion, the customer MUST pay the 12 monthly payments (instead of 11), as the promotion will not enter this period.



a) Cancellation of the plan MONTHLY or ANNUAL:

Step 1: To cancel, the customer must contact Newsky.

Step 2: The customer must return the router / SIM card + accessories through the return KIT or by convenient means until the 5th of the month after the monthly fee is due.

Step 3: The customer must pay the amounts owed to NewSky.

b) plan cancellation MONTHLY: to cancel the customer simply does not pay the next monthly fee and send the router to NewSky.

c) plan cancellation ANNUAL: The minimum 12-month contract, with a fine for terminating the contract before the deadline, after the fulfillment of the 12 month contract, it can be canceled without penalty at any time. To cancel, the customer must contact Newsky. Cancellation within 12 months or later, the Router / SIM card must be returned to NewSky.
d) After the 5th of the month after the last month paid, if you DO NOT pay or DO NOT return, the Router / SIM card and the contract will be canceled, understood as ABANDONMENT by the CLIENT, according to this contract.

d) The non-return of the device until the 5th (of the month after the last month paid), and the lack of interest or lack of communication with NewSky, in addition to a daily fine, will be applied the fines related to the clauses not fulfilled by the customer, which it will be charged by our legal representative, the Libra Legal Office, being from that moment responsible for the case and, according to the case, a case will be opened in the court of justice in the jurisdiction of Tokyo; General documents and information will be used for resolution by legal means and, in addition, your name may also be registered with the Japan CREDIT PROTECTION SERVICE.



Amount of the fine


Cancellation of the annual contract


According to the clause: “CANCELLATION”

Loss or Replacement of the device “Router”


The same value applies if you do not return the device “ Router ”at the end of the contract.

Damage to the “Router” device the device


Esthetic damage that does not alter the operation of.

Evaluation by the NewSky team and not by third parties.

Loss, theft or damage to the SIM card


For replacement and enabling the service. The replacement will be made from 7 to 15 working days.

The same value applies if you do not return the SIM card at the end of the contract. The same value applies if you return the SIM card after abandoning the contract.

Non-return of SIM card / Router until the 5th of the month after the last month paid will have a daily fine (counted from the 6th)

¥500 / day


The daily fine will not count until the customer returns the SIM card / router and negotiates with Newsky.



With the non-return of the SIM card / Router, after the 5th the contract will be given as ABANDONMENT, and will be charged the following: “cancellation penalty (in the case of annual contracts) + router non-return penalty + penalty for not returning the SIM card + daily penalty + abandonment penalty ”.

Non-return of Wimax items

¥500 / ¥3,000 / ¥5,000


 All Wimax items must be returned to NewSky when canceling the MONTHLY or ANNUAL service.  

If you do not return an accessory or item, you will be fined:

Exclusive NewSky bag = ¥3,000 (Premium kit)

USB cable + Power adapter = ¥500 / each (Premium kit)

Original Wimax Home box = ¥3,000

A / C adapter Wimax Home = ¥5,000

Wimax Home LAN cable = ¥500

*After the loss or theft where the customer no longer wishes to use the service, the customer must pay the penalty for not returning the SIM CARD / Router + the cancellation penalty contract (if you have not fulfilled the 12 months of the contract).

*In the above cases the payment of the fine must be made through the Smart Pit. The customer must inform the date and time that he will make the payment. If there are changes once a charge is activated, it will add ¥1,000 to activate a new charge.

a) In case of delay or abandonment of a service contract, if the customer has another active service, NewSky reserves the right to be able to suspend the other service without prior notice;

b) NewSky reserves the right to unilaterally suspend or cancel the customer's contract, if it brings losses to the company or in case the company deems the customer's misuse or misconduct, without prior notice and without compensation.


a) Restrictions on the volume of data traffic may apply. We provide adequate data capacity for general use, but from the point of view of maintaining network quality and fair use of the network, the communication restriction can be applied to users who communicate in large quantities, downloading large files, very long, etc. In these cases, measures can be taken, such as interrupting communication or greatly reducing the speed of communication. Customers who consume large amounts of data need to pay attention to this, as per the information above. * Will not be refunded or exchanged, etc. if suspension measures or speed restrictions are applied by the operator or the government.
b) We inform that as of January 2016, Japanese data traffic control laws have become increasingly strict. New rules from operators or the government may occur without notice. Further details:
c) NewSky is not responsible for signal failures in some areas.


a) NewSky does not provide support and is not responsible for software and applications used by the customer.

b) Service for technical support or issues regarding late payment will only be resolved within the office hours of the responsible department: Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed on national holidays).

c) NewSky call center:

Phones: (FREE DIAL) 0800-100-0877 and 03-4550-1426 and 06-4560-3207 - Português, Español and English

Whatsapp: +81 80-8478-8004 (Português) + 81-80 -8877-8696 (English) - Text messaging only


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