a) MONICA GLOBAL MOBILE WIFI - mobile internet service (100GB / UNLIMITED). A very high-quality system for better portability, communication and satisfaction, with speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

b) The router device can be used in up to 120 countries, consult us*.

a) WiFi internet router with two options: 100 GB or UNLIMITED, with Triple Network area coverage available where there is 4G / 3G.


a) The customer will purchase the “Mônica Global” internet router and will receive a free gift: USB CABLE, A / C adapter and an EXCLUSIVE NEWSKY BAG.

1.3. Monica & Friends

a) All images of the characters are copyrighted by Mauricio de Sousa Productions.


Monica Global

Activation fee (single payment)

Optional insurance

(single fee).

Monthly postpaid plan (no penalty when canceling) with SmartPit payment

Monthly postpaid plan (no penalty when canceling) with credit card payment

100 GB











a) It is possible to change the 100GB plan to the UNLIMITED and vice versa; The request to change the plan must be made between the 1st and the 10th of the current month.

b) Changing from UNLIMITED to 100GB, the discount amounts will be linked only after the first payment in Smart Pit.


a) Total insurance of the “Monica Global Mobile WiFi” internet router. Necessary to request when ordering.

b) Insurance coverage for: loss, theft or damage to the device (damage that makes it impossible to use the device. Esthetic damage will not be covered by this plan).

C) In the cases mentioned above, another router device will be sent to the customer, however the cost of transportation will be paid by the customer.

d) In case of theft or loss, it will be necessary to present a police report.

e) In case of damage, the device must be sent to NewSky for evaluation and activation of the insurance.

f) The customer will be entitled to insurance for 1 year from the date of receipt of the device and, to enjoy the insurance, he must have the service active for at least 1 month. The customer will not be able to activate the insurance if he is not active. The customer will not be able to take advantage of the insurance if he contracts the service and has not used it, this will be verified in the data usage report. If NewSky detects irregularities in the use of the insurance or the customer is unable to prove the need to use the insurance, NewSky reserves the right not to cover the insurance.

a) In the plan of 100GB when reaching 100GB, the signal may be cut or there will be a reduction in speed and will automatically return at the beginning of next month, if the invoice is paid.

b) In the plan of 100GB:

-Services delivered and activated from the 2nd day to the last day of the month, will have a daily usage limit rule of 3 GB. If you exceed this amount, you will have a reduced speed of 256 Kbps until the next day. From the second month of use there will be not such rule.

-Services delivered and activated on day 1 will not have this rule.

c) In the UNLIMITED plan will be subject to verification of fair use by the operator after exceeding 250GB and may be temporarily interrupted or there will be a speed reduction and will return automatically at the beginning of next month, if the invoice is paid.

d) There is no limit on daily use, but uninterrupted use with a frequency above 10 GB may cause a reduction in speed, signal cut without notice and even the cancellation of the contract at the request of the operator or the Japanese government.

e) Any changes to the router's settings are prohibited. The device is already configured and ready for use. Changes to the settings, without NewSky's consent, will result in the shipment of the device to NewSky Komaki, and the customer will pay the return shipping to reconfigure it.

f)In case of suspension of the service due to accidents or unscheduled maintenance, there will be no refund for the time the service is unavailable.

g) NewSky reserves the right, in the event of any change in the service by the operator, to pass this change on to the customer without prior notice, in compliance with the rules thus required, including price adjustments.

h) The maximum communication speed shown here, indicates maximum values ​​based on technical standards and does not necessarily represent speeds in actual use. Internet speeds during use can vary significantly due to the user's environment (such as the specifications of the terminal device) and network congestion.







Smart Pit Card

Convenience stores

Until the 10th


Day 11 duel the last day of the month


Last day of payment month


a) Postpaid system with automatic renewal.
b) Method 1: Smart Pit card (standard)

Method 2: Credit card (optional, it is necessary to ask the attendant when ordering).

If you have questions about the payment system, contact our call center immediately.

c) You will receive the SMART PIT payment card with your order and make payment every month at convenience stores (Kombini: Family Mart, Mini Stop and Lawson).

d) There is no bill, monthly payment must be made by Smart Pit card or Credit Card.
e) Payment must be made every month using the same Smart pit card. In case of loss, payment can be made using only the number (the customer must request it through our call center or virtual channels). If you need a new card, you will have a replacement fee of ¥2,000.
f) Payment due date: until the 10th (of the following month).
g) Payment must be made on time and processed by our exchange so that there is no cut-off. Payment on the 11th will be late and will have a fee of ¥1,000 in the monthly fee for late / reactivation penalty. If the payment is not confirmed by the deadline, after the 10th the signal will be suspended, and will be abandoned and the contract will be canceled after the last day of the month.

h) If cut due to non-payment, the signal will be reactivated within 3 WORKING DAYS after confirmation and payment processing by the payment sector.
i) Collection fee (Kombini / CREDIT CARD) of ¥220, may be charged at any time by NewSky, without prior notice, for readjustments. So far, this fee is being paid by NewSky.
j) To request change the payment method: via Smart pit card via credit card or vice versa, the customer must contact our call center, with minimum of 30 days in advance.
l) Pending issues related to the service contracted with NewSky will be deducted via credit card (registered).

a) Contract: MONTHLY.
b) Documents required for the contract: copy of the ZAIRYU CARD front and back with the updated address; copy of PASSPORT (pages 1, 2 and 3) or driver's license.

c) Necessary information of the client (inform at the time of order): full name, full address, e-mail, telephone number (if not, it will be necessary to inform the telephone number of a contact, relative or friend).
d) In case of change of registration data, such as address, for example, the customer must inform NewSky immediately, the registration must always be updated.
and) NewSky communicates with customers through SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail or telephone.


a) Cancellation of the plan MONTHLY:

Step 1: To cancel, the customer have to contact NewSky until the 15th of the current month, and request for cancellation of the service.

Step 2: The customer must pay the amounts (monthly) that are due to NewSky within the stipulated period.

b) With the non-payment of the monthly fee until the last day of the month of payment, and the lack of interest or lack of communication with NewSky, the general cancellation will be made and will be considered abandonment of the contract, and will result in fines related to unfulfilled clauses. by the costumer, who will be charged by our legal representative, the Libra Legal Office, being from that moment responsible for the case and, according to the case, a case will be opened in the court of law in the jurisdiction of Tokyo; General documents and information will be used for resolution by legal means and, in addition, your name may also be registered with the Japan CREDIT PROTECTION SERVICE.

a) In case of delay or abandonment of a service contract , if the customer has another active service, NewSky reserves the right to be able to suspend the other service without prior notice.

b) NewSky reserves the right to unilaterally suspend or cancel the customer's contract, if it brings losses to the company or in case the company deems the customer's misuse or misconduct, without prior notice and without compensation.


a) Restrictions on the volume of data traffic may apply. We provide adequate data capacity for general use, but from the point of view of maintaining network quality and fair use of the network, the communication restriction can be applied to users who communicate in large quantities, downloading large files, very long, etc. In these cases, measures can be taken, such as interrupting communication or greatly reducing the speed of communication. Customers who consume large amounts of data need to pay attention to this, as per the information above. *Will not be refunded or exchanged, etc. if suspension measures or speed restrictions are applied by the operator or the government.
b) We inform that from January 2016, Japanese data traffic control laws have become increasingly strict. New rules from operators or the government may occur without notice. Further details: bit.ly/ns_pirataria
c) NewSky is not responsible for signal failures in some areas.

d) The service is indicated for general use, with the exception of torrent p2p or similar.


a) NewSky does not provide support and is not responsible for software and applications used by the customer

b) Service for technical support or issues regarding late payment will only be resolved within the office hours of the responsible department: Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed on national holidays)

c) NewSky call center:

Phones: (FREE DIAL) 0800-100-0877 and 03-4550-1426 and 06-4560-3207 - Português, Español and English

Whatsapp: +81 80-8478-8004 (Português) + 81-80 -8877-8696 (English) - Text messaging only

E-mail: internet@newsky.jp

Website: newsky.asia - newskymobile.jp - monicawifi.com 

Facebook: fb.com/newskyjapan - fb.com/newskyenglish - fb.com/newskyespanol

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* The prices contained in this contract are including 10% tax.

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